Shot Placement for North American Big Game 
by Craig Boddington & Laurie O'Keefe (illustrator)


2002 Long Beach, 215pp, color and b&w illus., 8.5x11, hardcover


Most people will know where to shoot a white-tailed deer when it is standing broadside. But how do you accurately place a shot from a tree stand when you are situated above the animal? The actual answer might surprise you. In this book Craig Boddington and artist Laurie O'Keefe show actual in-the-field photographs that pictorially describe where you must shoot to get an instantaneous kill-in other words, how to make that "perfect shot." Each species in this beautifully illustrated book is highlighted with a "ghost view" that shows not only the vital areas (lung, heart, spine) but also the entire skeletal structure. In addition, the location of the brain on dangerous game is shown in case a shot is needed to stop a charging animal. Those animals that are shot from tree stands (whitetail, mule deer, elk, and black bear) are shown with a "from-above" view. All this is presented in full color with clear, well-produced, anatomically and proportionately correct drawings.

The book covers the mule deer and whitetail from multiple angles as well as showing the reader shots at pronghorn, elk, caribou, and moose; then there are the brown bear, grizzly, and black bear whose vitals must be hit or dangerous situations will ensue. The book also covers Stone and Dall sheep as well as the Rocky Mountain and desert bighorns. Feral hog and the javelina are featured as are the less usual animals-polar bear, wolf, goat, muskox, bison, and walrus. All these animals are presented from a pictorial point of view-one whose emphasis is on how to place a perfect shot.

In his usual clear and concise manner, Boddington writes about what guns to use, what calibers he recommends, and what bullet types are suitable for each species. No other book yields such useful and practical information for application by the hunter of North American game. A reference book of unimaginable worth, you will find yourself referring to it time and time again. This large format book is on coated paper in full color. This is a companion book to the Perfect Shot, which covers African game.

The Perfect Shot North America (Book)


     Ohaupo, New Zealand


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